Anger and heartbreak are certainly impetuses for change, but they need to be harnessed. They can be destructive forces or they can be the forces that inspire and move. If you would like to help by protesting, improving, or healing, consider doing some of the following:

  • Do not be a bystander. If you see injustice, speak out. Intervene.
  • Read everything–even the information you disagree with. Know everything.
  • Do not let false headlines or skewed information dupe you.
  • Build empathy for your enemies. This does not mean condoning or excusing terrible behavior–it means understanding where differences lie so that our work is meaningful and productive.
  • Do not fight hate with hate. Fight it with forceful intellect and full heart.
  • Understand, articulate, and then overcome your own biases. We all have them.
  • Volunteer at and make contributions to local and national organizations that support the work you believe in.*
  • Remember: it often feels as though we cannot make a difference alone. But when we individually stop making our voices heard, we create a vacuum that allows atrocity to build. Collectively, we change the tone of our cultural dialogue. Your voice and actions matter every day.


*We have done our best to research the credibility and viability of the following organizations (presented in no specific order), but as always, you should research any charitable organization you choose to work with prior to sending money.

Organizations that support Muslim-Americans

     islamicrelieflogo-300x270   mlfa.png  aifd  center_for_islamic_pluralism

Organizations that support victims of anti-Semitism

              zionist.png                ADL-Fat-Banner.jpg

Organizations that support people of color

splc.jpg   naacp.png   national urban league.jpg

                                 UNCF.svg.png        National_Coalition_of_100_Black_Women_logo.png

Organizations that support women’s rights

       NCADV-logo.jpgPlanned_Parenthood_logo.svg.png   National_Organization_for_Women_logo.png                                             LWV_Logo.svg.png     nsvrc-circle.preview.jpg

Organizations that support immigrants’ rights

aic.png     FJLogo252kb.jpg     LIRSLOGOPRINTFULLCOLOR-V.jpg


Organizations that support the LGBTQ community

glaadorangelogo_1.jpg    EF_Logo.jpg    COLAGE-Logo-small-With-Tagline.jpg    National_LGBTQ_Task_Force_logo.png

Organizations that support Native Americans

american indian.png    narf.png    Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.20.08 AM.png

Organizations that do good work for everybody

       aclu.png     AFSC-2Blogo-2Bgif.jpg   human rights watch.png

Journalism that continues to stand up for freedom of the press

             slate.jpg       the-new-york-times-logo-vert.png        The-Washington-Post-logo.jpg

Vox_(website)_logo.jpg     WSJ-Logo.jpg     csm_logo_1500x1500.png

npr.png     newshour-logo-hires.png