Resistance, Persistence, Insistence

One year ago we raised our voices across the globe,

and rallied against your hateful sting.

We had no idea the extent of the circus

the next twelve months would bring.  


Your blasé insistence that you are always right

and everyone else is wrong,

Your ridiculous cabinet and cowardly cronies

who blindly follow along.


Three hundred and sixty five days

have passed.

We’ve marched and rallied,

holding steadfast.


You will not break us,

Please be assured.

We are stronger than you.

We will endure.


We’ll continue to resist.

We’re making strong, bold choices,

We bring forth to lift new,

Previously unheard, courageous voices.


Be forewarned, little man,

In a very short time,

These are the brave leaders

Who will upend your racist, sexist paradigm.


We’ve been watching you and taking note.

While you threaten and harass,

We stand and love fearlessly,

Holding on, waiting unfailingly en masse.


We descended in protest against everything you stand for.

One year later,

We remain certain that the huddled masses

make our nation greater.  


The tempest-tossed will find the lamp

beside the golden door.

Your cruel rhetoric and vile language

will soon be no more.  


Our voices will be heard.

We will prevail.

Very soon, Forty-Five,

your influence will fail.


You can continue to antagonize and patronize

for only a little longer.  

Our strength is mighty

And we are indeed, much, much stronger.  


Your days of one-upmanship and greed

are swiftly dwindling.

You’ll see them pass you by,

For our momentum is quickening.


So until your final farewell,

Know that we are here.  

And although you’ll never admit it,

We can all sense your fear.


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